Canoe – H20 Prospector 17-6 Heritage Series

In order to handle large loads and paddle on big lakes we chose the H20 Prospector 17-6, a new Canadian classic.   Made from advanced composite Kevlar and Carbon, this canoe weighs only 17.7 kg (39 lbs) and is 5.3 m (17 ft, 6 in) long.  The boat is specially designed to be comfortable for multiple week canoe trips and it features increased buoyancy to float over large waves rather than go through them.  A rugged splash deck from North Water was installed to provide added protection from the elements.  We are extremely pleased with the performance of the H20 Prospector.  The boat performed better than expected during the challenges of ocean travel, rugged yet light making even portaging easier than expected.  

H20 Prospector 17-6 Heritage Series – our canoe

Navigation – Garmin GPS Oregon 750T

In the past, a compass and map were generally used for our canoe trips.  However, due to the length of our cross – Canada canoe trip, we decided to obtain a GPS system.  We chose the waterproof rugged Garmin Oregon 750 T with features such as Canada Topographical Maps, Wi-Fi, and Camera.  Before the trip we mapped out our adventure on Base Camp, Garmin software which allowed us to view and organize maps, waypoints, routes and tracks on our personal computer.  Also, a portable Solar Panel and Battery recharges the GPS and other gadgets during the trip.

Garmin GPS Oregon 750T

Shelter – MSR Tent

We chose a MSR Papa Hubba 4-person backpacking tent.  What we like about this tent it packs up smaller than most 2-person tents and weighs 2.7 kg (5 lbs, 15 oz).  It is a 3-season, freestanding tent, with two large doors and vestibules for easy access and gear storage.  The symmetrical frame maximizes headroom and remains stable in windy conditions. The colour coded staking loops makes for easy set up.   We can set up the fly alone to serve as a temporarily shelter from a bad storm!  Before our MSR Papa Hubba, we had a MEC Tarn 2 person tent that served us well for many years.  The Tarn 2 was very durable but tight for two people with no room for gear.   We absolutely love the extra room the Papa Hubba has to offer!

MSR Papa Hubba 4-person backpacking tent

Tracking Device – SPOT Satellite Messenger

We purchased a SPOT Gen3 for safety and tracking purposes.  The SPOT uses satellite technology to determine our location at every 60 minute intervals even if we are off the grid.  We send pre-programmed emails/texts of our GPS location to our emergency contacts back home.  This enables them to track our progress on Google Maps which is also located on this website.  With the push of the SOS button, it will alert emergency responders to our GPS location.  We found out the hard way that the SPOT is not waterproof or very rugged and must be handled with care.  We had inadvertently left the device in the rain and it sent an emergency SOS.  Our family was alarmed to receive a call from the emergency response centre but it was quickly determined we were still on the move and all was okay.   We were without a SPOT for a week while another was sent.    



Sanity – Eureka NoBugZone Shelter

We purchased the lightweight & compact bug shelter for additional protection from the elements and are our sanity from bugs!   It is a combination tarp and noseeum’s grade screen/mesh.   Some of the features include zippered screen entrance, reinforced tarp tie offs, internal gear rings enable internal clothesline tie off. Tie back loops, allows mesh walls to be tied back when using as shade/rain shelter.  It is worth the 2.65 extra kilograms!

Eurika NoBugZone – shelter