Carol and Glenn made it to Saskatchewan last week!  They are very excited with all the progress they have made so far!  It took them 41 days to go through British Columbia and only 16 days to go through Alberta! They are very curious as to how many days they will be spending in Saskatchewan!

Above is a picture of Glenn on the South Saskatchewan River from where the river starts at the basin of the Old Man River and the Bow River.  It is 320 km of remote wilderness with the exception of Medicine Hat. Most of this land has been designated Wilderness Area for the past 40 years.  Carol and Glenn had the privilege of seeing antelope, mule, deer, a bull moose with her calf and hearing coyotes howling at night time.

Carol and Glenn were paddling through the Badlands last week!  The Fur Traders called this section of the South Saskatchewan River and Bow River the, “Bad River.”


The winds are very strong in this specific area of the river along with violent thunderstorms!  Also, they were fortunate to be paddling through this area now as the water is high. But each day they notice the water is getting lower!

All together the South Saskatchewan River is 1,392 km long! They have been enjoying their time on this River and sometimes feel like they are going in circles as it is very curvy!  However, they are passing some beautiful landscapes and land-formations such as these coulees below.

Keep on Paddling!

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  1. Barb and I are thinking about a 10-12 day canoe trip on the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatchewan. Although we are in our early 70s we are experienced wilderness canoeists (Yukon river, Milk river, Noatak, Missouri). You can visit our website Do you have a more detailed journal of your canoe trip on this river?
    Henry Intili

    1. Hello Henry,

      So wonderful that you and your wife are enjoying trekking and canoeing in your 70’s. My husband Glenn and I are both 61 and we hope to have many more years of tripping together. You are an inspiration! I will have to check out your books for further adventure ideas.

      Thank you for commenting to our post regarding the South Saskatchewan River. I apologize for the lateness of this email, but it was caught in my spam folder. We had an absolutely delightful, scenic and peaceful time on the river. We started on the Old Man River in the area of Pincher Creek, which turns into the South Saskatchewan and then the Saskatchewan to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. The river cuts through the prairies and is very scenic travelling through badlands, gorges and canyons. The river is quite muddy and sometimes you have to compete with cows for a campsite, however, 90 percent of the time it was very remote. We paddled in the spring and did come across a few rapids, but no more than Class 1. There is a book by Dawn Dickinson and Dennis Baresco call ‘Prairie River’ that will give you a better description. I would be happy to give you more information and chat with you on the phone if you would like to call me. My phone number is 613-561-3876.

      Carol VandenEngel (and Glenn Green)

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