Part 3 Launch Date – June 6, 2019!

Carol and Glenn will be dipping their paddles into the waters at Fort Frances on June 6, 2019 for the third time to complete their canoe trip across Canada! With only 2,205 km left to go, Glenn and Carol will tell you that this adventure has been a gift and a privilege! One of their most remarkable memories is the friendliness and kindness bestowed upon them by fellow Canadians.

Carol and Glenn’s goal is to raise $25,000 for their favourite local Kingston organization, Loving Spoonful. Carol and Glenn believe passionately in Loving Spoonful’s mission which envisions a healthy, sustainable, food-secure community that makes fresh food a priority for everyone.

To help get closer to their goal, Carol and Glenn are excited to announce that Trailhead in Kingston will be matching all donations up to $1,000!  Trailhead will also be supporting Glenn and Carol by sharing their journey and taking a collection in their downtown store.

Chris from Trailhead Kingston

Carol and Glenn are so determined to complete their goal because of the outstanding amount of people in Canada facing serious health problems due to inadequate access to fresh food!  This negatively impacts physical, mental, and social health, and costs our healthcare system considerably. Approximately 12 percent of all Canadians live in poverty. Glenn says “It is our belief that we can make a difference by raising awareness that fresh food is something that everyone should have access to.  Loving Spoonful is truly a remarkable role model for all of Canada and an example of how an agency has made a difference in their community.

Support Glenn and Carol’s journey and their vision for a more food-secure Canada by donating to Loving Spoonful through   Help them reach their goal of $25,000!