2,658 km Completed!

Carol and Glenn have been loving their time on the South Saskatchewan River!  Last week they paddled under a bridge coming into Saskatoon. This was the same bridge they crossed the train on to arrive in Vancouver almost 3 months ago!

Upon arrival in Saskatoon, Carol and Glenn decided to stay a few nights at the Gordon Howe Campground.  At the campground they were able to reconnect with old friends from Kingston who now live in Saskatoon!  The couple had picked up mailed supplies (50 lbs worth) for Carol and Glenn including a months worth of dehydrated food to keep them going!

Carol and Glenn managed to stuff all the new supplies into 2 barrels before heading back out on the South Saskatchewan River which has turned into the Saskatchewan River. And the only neighbours they see are the beavers swimming a long side them.

Over the last 6 days they have managed to paddle almost 400 km to Nipawin with the wind on their backs! So far they have completed 2, 658 km in total!

Keep on Paddling!

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