A 146 KM Portage Completed!

This past week Carol and Glenn completed a 146 km portage with a 15 km paddle on Lake Moyie to break things up!  All with a 110 kg canoe! Good thing they have a canoe cart to help them pull and push everything!

They started this grueling but rewarding trek in Kuskanook B.C and finished in Fort Steele B.C. And are finally going to start paddling again in the Kootenay River for a good stretch! They have also made it to the Rockies!

Along their portage they had a lot of fun adventures!  And spent a night across from the Kokanee Beer Factory in Creston. Glenn even made a new friend!

People have been extremely friendly as they go along offering them fresh fruit, meals, a ride (which they had to decline) and river advice for their upcoming paddling adventures down the Kookenay River!

Keep up the good work paddlers!

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