The Paddling Team

Carol VandenEngel

Growing up in a family passionate about the outdoors helped shape the person I have become today. As a child, I spent many days camping, canoeing, hiking and simply being outside enjoying the beauty around me. As a mother, I passed this love on to my very own children. As an adult, I still absolutely love the great outdoors. Any chance I get, I go hiking, backcountry camping and canoeing! Now that I am happily retired I will continue to do the things I love even more!

Today I am dedicated to reducing my environmental footprint and preserving the natural beauty around me. I maintain a healthy lifestyle and believe that you are what you eat! I am always looking for my next challenge and different ways to push myself. Also, I am an advocate for people with mental health issues and for those who live in poverty. I have spent a lot of my time volunteering for causes that support these issues in our society.

We live in a beautiful country of rich diversity. A few of my favourite Canadian moments I have enjoyed on my many adventures are; meeting friendly people, snowshoeing through the woods on chilly winter days, watching the mist early morning on a quiet lake with a cup of coffee, canoeing by a pack of wolves sunning on a beach, autumn colours, swimming with the fishes, listening to undiscovered Canadian musicians, only hearing the sound my paddle as it dips into the water, and most importantly enjoying our freedom.

Glenn Green

I have always had a passion for the big outdoors! I enjoy doing anything from hiking, biking, canoeing, wilderness camping to having a beer on a patio and enjoying the fresh air. I like to take life each day as it comes and to focus on the simple things that give us pleasure.

I have always considered myself to be conscious about our planet but I have really become passionate about the environment, being sustainable and taking care of our natural world in my adult life. Along with these passions, I am also trying my best to teach my grandchildren these very important ideas. Our oldest granddaughter joined us for the first week of our epic paddle from Ottawa to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Another area of my life that I am dedicated to is volunteer work. I have done volunteer work as a softball coach, cub scout leader, and trail maintainer. I will continue to volunteer where and when I can, especially in my retirement, for the causes I believe strongly in.



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