Adventures in Wabakimi Provincial Park

Even though Carol and Glenn just completed their Canoe across Canada journey this past fall, they are definitely not throwing in their paddles yet! They are always intrigued, inspired and enthused by new areas in their home province of Ontario, that they have not discovered yet! This adventurous couple is always looking for their next voyage!

Wabakami Provincial Park is an expansive beautiful area of land about 4 hours north of Thunder Bay!  The wonderful outfitters of Wabakimi Provincial Park helped Carol and Glenn set up this amazing journey. Check out their website below by clicking here Wabakimi Outfitters.

Carol and Glenn spent two days driving to Wabakimi Provincial Park. The first night they spent in Kapuskasing and the second night in Thunder Bay.  Finally, yesterday they arrived at the outfitters in Wabakimi Provincial Park to start their journey. The lodge and views were already gorgeous! And their minds full of wonder, curiosity and nervous excitement about what the next few weeks will bring. They spent a relaxing evening and night at the outfitters to ensure they were ready for day 1.


However, they did not start paddling right there! They had to take a seaplane to get to their starting point. Check out a few pictures before the ride. The canoe was strapped to the side of the seaplane.

With slightly nervous but very excited smiles, Carol and Glenn boarded the seaplane to start their adventure early this morning!

As they flew over where they would be canoeing, Carol and Glenn saw some wonderful views from above.

Today Carol and Glenn started Day 1 of their paddling adventure in Wabakimi Provincial Park! Just like in their canoe across Canada adventure they dehydrated all their own food, packed similar gear and look forward to what each and every day will bring. There are some grueling portages to come but they will take them on with positive attitudes and determination!

Hopefully, I can make another post shortly; Otherwise, it will be at the end upon their return to the outfitters! Stay posted!

Enjoy the Paddle!

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