And They Are Off Once More!

Carol and Glenn enjoyed a beautiful day departing from Fort Frances, ON on Thursday, June 6th, 2019. This day marks the beginning of the end of their paddling adventure across Canada. They embraced this day with excitement, smiles and the curiosity of what part 3 will bring them while paddling across Ontario to their hometown, Kingston, ON.

At the launch, Carol and Glenn were joined by supporters from the local newspaper Fort Frances Times  and friends, Karen and Lee from Gimli, Manitoba and Karen and Tony from Rainy River ON. These friends helped them immensely last year! They were very thankful to have so many familiar faces, full of positive energy sending them off on this very special day.

Last week, Carol and Glenn’s number one supporters Paul and Denise VandenEngel, drove them to Fort Frances, ON.  They enjoyed beautiful scenery and the company of their loving family members.  Two days after they departed, Paul and Denise surprised them by speeding up behind them in a motorboat and treated them to lunch over the fire, ice cold drinks and lawn chairs! What a great surprise!

Carol and Glenn have spent the last few days on Rainy Lake, ON. They have been battling strong east winds and are quickly getting back into shape! As they put all of their effort and determination into paddling into the wind, they keep their goals in mind.

Carol and Glenn eagerly set out on June 6th with the goal of raising $ 25, 000 in total. They have already raised almost 19,000 for Loving Spoonful, a charity that is so close to their hearts!

Carol and Glenn are extremely grateful to their friends, family and Canadian neighbours who have already donated! Click on the link so you can help them also reach their goal DONATE.

Keep on Paddling!

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