Back On The Water!

Carol and Glenn are back at it again!

After a two week pause taken to return home to be with family; they are excited and even more determined to start and finish the last part of their amazing across Canada canoe adventure!

Just before they left for home, Carol and Glenn had a 3 day walk to Thunder Bay. The walk was a total of 50 km all together!  Luckily, they found access to Whitefish Lake and were able to canoe, saving them 9 km of walking! Below is a picture that captures the gorgeous scenery they enjoyed on this walk.

Carol and Glenn are always meeting friendly, generous and welcoming people on their adventures! One night after it poured rain. they were at a Cafe and met a young couple from the area. This wonderful couple were intrigued by their adventure and invited them to stay the night at their trailer. Carol and Glenn gratefully accepted! Below is a picture of Glenn and their new friends.

Carol and Glenn enjoyed their stay and learned that this couple have a professional tree restoration company and have planted over 15 million trees. Check out their website to learn more at: TriTree

They even gave Carol and Glenn a tour of their property! A welcomed extra few kilometers that they always enjoy! They are continuously thankful for the generosity of people they come across on their journey!

Finally, Carol and Glenn were able to paddle the remainder of the way into Thunder Bay through the Kaministiquia River. To their advantage, the river was moving fast and the water was high from all the previous rainfall! What a great way to reach their destination! Below is a picture of Glenn looking at the historic Fort Williams they passed just before Thunder Bay!

Keep on Paddling!!!


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