Back on the Water!

Carol and Glenn are very happy to be back on the water for a long period of time!  They started their journey a few days ago on the Old Man River in Alberta.  The river is full of roll-away rapids and has a very strong current which is helping them gain some serious distance, with a bit of much needed relaxation!

While paddling down the Old Man River they happened to pass by a pod of Pelicans!  Something they were very surprised to see in Alberta and astonished by their beauty and presence.

The Old Man River has also provided them with a few challenges!  They had to portage around a weir which is a low dam built across a river to raise the level of water upstream and regulates its flow.  They had to make their way through long grass and barbed wire fence.  However, they are fully immersed back in nature with no people or traffic noises!  Which is just where they want to be!

On Saturday they had quite the rain storm and are now drying all of their things out!  Carol and Glenn are now in Lethbridge, Alberta re-stalking a few supplies and gearing up for the rest of the Old Man River!

Keep on Paddling!

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