Biking on the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) Trail

Last week Carol and Glenn spent a few days biking on HWY 3 from Hope to Princeton B.C. They had to bike on the road as the trails were washed out from early spring run off.  They definitely had their challenges biking up some very steep hills!

But after a few very intense road biking days Carol and Glenn connected with the Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail. The KVR trail is the longest railway trail in B.C.  It used to be a comprehensive railroad system but now the tracks are used as an extensive recreational trail providing almost 650 km of connected pathways from Hope B.C. to Castlegar B.C.  For more information on the KVR trail check out this link!

They had a few very special visitors show up as they were biking along!

And this is just the beginning!  They will see many more bears a long the way!

The last few days have been spent biking on the KVR trail and they have had a few challenges biking through loose gravel and some sandy parts! But the weather and views have been incredible and they are enjoying every moment!


Keep on biking!!! 

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