Finally in Alberta!

After a lot of walking, biking and canoeing Carol and Glenn have finally made it to Alberta!

Just before they reached Alberta they spent a night camping out in a ditch as it was the only place to set up camp.

They were just finishing up supper when a pickup truck came a long with a couple looking for rocks for their garden!  They all started to chat and Glenn helped them put rocks in their truck.  The couple offered to take them on an extensive tour of Fernie B.C. Just another example of how friendly people have been along the way!

The last few days reaching the Alberta border were a combination of walking and canoeing!  They had a record 29 km walking day! Good thing there are beautiful views a long the way!


Carol and Glenn will soon be back on the water full time heading down many kilometers on the Old Man River!

Keep on Paddling!

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