Getting Closer to Lake Superior

Carol and Glenn have had some beautiful paddling days! The picture above and below were taken during their 5 day adventure through the scenic Quetico, Provincial Park. On the last day, they had to paddle through the notoriously wild waters of Saganaga Lake! They were extremely fortunate to have a perfectly calm day and made it across in good time!

Shortly after exiting Quetico Park, Carol and Glenn were feeling quite confident about their paddling and portaging abilities! They planned to do a day with 8 portages! However, they had a lot of troubles finding the portage entry points as their GPS route had disappeared from their Garmin!  So just like the early Voyageur’s did, they read the lay out of the land and winged it! With an adventurous spirit, they were able to successfully complete 4 portages that day!  Below is a picture taken on their portage day, looking happy as ever!

Glenn and Carol have really noticed the affects of the 2007 devastating forest fires that occurred in La Verendrye, Provincial Park which also borders the Superior National Forest in Minnesota.  There are hardly any campsites left along the shoreline since it has changed so much from the fires! Fortunately, the islands seem to be untouched, which turn out to be great campsites! They always manage to find somewhere each day to set up for the evening! Below is a photo of a wonderfully sheltered campsite on an island.

A few days ago Carol and Glenn reached Arrow Lake! This will be the last lake they paddle before starting their walk to Thunder Bay which leads them right into Lake Superior. In the picture below, Glenn is loading up the canoe at a campsite with views of cliffs surrounding them!

They have a 4 day walk ahead of them! Once they arrive in Thunder Bay they will re-stock on supplies and get their games faces ready for Lake Superior!

Happy Walking!!

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