Our Canoe Trip Across Canada

Canada spans six time zones, reaches three oceans and has the longest coastline in the world. With over two million lakes and rivers, Canada is a paddler’s paradise. There is no better way to experience this country than by canoe, a vessel of creation that has become a favourite Canadian legacy. We were following a dream when we decided to paddle across Canada. Our busy office careers had come to an end. The time had come to recharge and to refocus on an exciting new chapter of our lives. As a husband and wife team, we embarked on a journey that would take us over 8,515 kilometres on intricate waterways from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Our route followed the same passage as early fur traders and voyageurs traversing through oceans, rivers and lakes—waterways that have been used for thousands of years by our Indigenous peoples. From manoeuvring tidal currents, high winds and waves to pulling our canoe over the Rocky Mountains, we were immersed in this land of great diversity. It was a journey of discovery that enabled us to be engaged in Canada’s rich history, heritage and culture. 

Seeing Canada from thousands of kilometres of waterways has been a remarkable experience—a gift we gave to ourselves. Paddling or portaging at an average speed of five kilometres an hour allowed us to connect more deeply and spiritually with our natural world, giving us an incredible sense of freedom and peace. 

The journey grew into something so much more than paddling across Canada. One of the most remarkable memories we live with is the friendliness and kindness bestowed upon us by Canadians. Strangers opened their homes, invited us in for meals, fed us fresh-caught fish, drove us to get supplies, allowed us to camp on their properties, gave us advice and directions, donated to our cause and opened their hearts to us; like family! They have greatly enriched our lives, and we are grateful to have crossed their path.

We feel blessed in Canada for many reasons and are filled with gratitude to have had the privilege to paddle across this great nation of ours. We look forward to many more Canadian adventures, exploring, and living life close to nature, just like this journey enabled us to experience.

We Canoed across Canada to Make a Difference! 

We are passionate about improving the quality of life for our fellow Canadians. What better way to support Loving Spoonful in Kingston, Ontario, than to canoe across Canada in their honour. At every opportunity, we raised awareness for this incredible organization that believes no one should be without fresh, healthy food. Millions of Canadians are challenged by food insecurity, poor health and social isolation. As we paddled, our message was simple and clear, “If you eat well, you feel well; if you feel well, you do well!”

We raised $29,200, surpassing our goal of $25,000! Even though we are finished our coast to coast odyssey, we encourage you to support the ongoing programs at Loving Spoonful Donate Here