Lake Superior a Thing of the Past

Carol and Glenn’s last day on Lake Superior was no easy feat.  They woke up at 3 am, packed everything, had a delicious breakfast with coffee and were on the water by 4:30 am!  Nervously, they left with a 7 km paddle in the pitch black from one point to the next.  However, to keep their minds off this task, Carol and Glenn had an amazing view of the Milky Way.  They also got to witness the annual Perseid meteor shower! They saw at least 20 shooting stars between the 2 of them!  After 11 hours of paddling, on Saturday, August 10th, Carol and Glenn happily and with some relief, finished their time on Lake Superior! Below is a picture of them happily watching the sunset on Lake Superior.

On Saturday afternoon, they pulled up to Doug and Catherine’s house on Lake Superior.  Doug and Catherine are friends of friends they made while paddling on the South Saskatchewan River last year!  Without even knowing Carol and Glenn, this amazing couple had gotten in touch with them and arranged for them to spend 2 nights at their home!  Even more, they had given Carol and Glenn a list of campsites to look out for on the north shore of Lake Superior which helped them significantly! Below is a picture of Carol taking in the beautiful view of Lake Superior from Doug and Catherine’s place.

While at Doug and Catherine’s place, Carol and Glenn had the chance to go shopping for supplies and also pick up a box of supplies that Carol’s brother Paul dropped off for them!  With all of these new supplies, they had to organize them to make sure they had everything ready for the last half of their canoe across Canada adventure, EVER!

After spending a glorious 2 days with this wonderful couple, Carol and Glenn had to say their goodbyes and start paddling again!  Carol and Glenn continue to be amazed, grateful and appreciative of how generous Canadians can be! After leaving Doug and Catherine’s they arrived in Sault Ste. Marie in good time!

Before actually entering Sault Ste. Marie, Carol and Glenn had to go through a set of locks called the Pleasure Boat Canal Lock (as seen in the picture above and below).  It was just them and a few ducks waiting!  There is only one set of locks and it bypasses a set of rapids, not that Carol and Glenn wouldn’t be up for the challenge!   But they just got off the intense waters of Lake Superior, better to keep it dry!

As of yesterday, Carol and Glenn are on Lake Huron.  They will be paddling along the northern shore and exiting into the French River.  Along the coast, there are many islands which will provide their canoe protection from the wind and waves.  After their first day on Lake Huron, they found this gem of a campsite!  It was on a rock but covered in comfy moss! What a way to start this Lake!

This morning, Carol and Glenn enjoyed a beautiful sunrise while starting their day early on Lake Huron!

Keep on Paddling!

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