Lake Superior

Carol and Glenn have been on Lake Superior for over a week now! And loving every minute of its beautiful scenery!

After Carol and Glenn left Thunder Bay, they slept at the base of Sleeping Giant which is Thunder Bay’s most well-known natural wonder and a Provincial Park!  The picture below is of Carol and Glenn paddling close to the massive rock formation that you can see for miles.  From the distance, it looks like a giant is sleeping with his hands folded over his chest.

To learn more about the history and legend of the Sleeping Giant check out this website:

Sleeping Giant – Norther Ontario Travel

Carol and Glenn have been getting up extra early! They are up before the sun rises to make sure they start paddling as soon as they can! They need to take advantage of the calm waters in the early hours.  As in the afternoon, Lake Superior can become rough and the weather can change in an instant. Check out the gorgeous pictures below of the crystal clear water and stunning rock formations.

However, not every day is this clear!  Just a few days into Carol and Glenn’s Lake Superior adventure, they found a lovely place with a lighthouse on it to stop and eat their lunch at!

As they were eating lunch the fog started to roll in.  But they had to head out anyways to keep on paddling! They headed across a large bay.  But on the way they were engulfed in a rolling fog bank with zero visibility! This was the first time on their entire trip that they had witnessed something like this!  For 10 km while crossing the bay, they had to rely solely on their GPS.  Below is a picture of the fog moving in.

Carol and Glenn always find interesting places to camp! One afternoon, they found a rustic sauna in Loon Harbour which is crown land, to camp at.  These saunas are popular along the northern coastline of Lake Superior.  Each sauna has a stove to make a fire in, which heats the rocks. Then by throwing water on the rocks it creates steam. After heating up in the sauna, one must cool down by jumping into Lake Superior, which is 13 degrees Celsius. What a great way to spend an afternoon after canoeing! Below is a picture of the sauna.

Carol and Glenn are loving Lake Superior. It has so many beautiful coves, quiet islands, gorgeous rock formations and plenty of diversity from shore to shore! Below is a few more scenic pictures taken on Lake Superior.


Keep on Paddling!

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