Portaging Already!

Carol and Glenn are getting right back into their rhythm!  They have already completed some very challenging and lengthy portages! A few days ago, they completed their longest one yet at 1.7 km! The portages so far have been full of bugs, mud and deep ruts from centuries of portaging! The picture below is of Glenn at Wheelbarrow Falls Portage, with a big smile on his face of course!

Carol and Glenn knew this time around, they would be battling a lot of insects while crossing Ontario! They have this wonderful shelter called a No Bug Zone, that is their safe haven at the end of the day from all the bugs! Even if it is a bit of extra weight on those long portages, it is worth every pound!

Not only have they broke their portage distance record, but also their overall kilometers paddled in one day! A few days ago they hit 55 km of paddling in one single day, on Loon Lake! However, this was not what they set out to accomplish that day! They had a very hard time finding a campsite along the Lake since it was full of thick brush! Luckily, they had the wind at their backs. Below is the beautiful campsite they were able to rest and relax in after a tremendous day of paddle breaking records!

Carol and Glenn have been loving their time in Quetico Provincial Park. They have paddled by some unbelievable scenery including, forests, massive rock cuts and First Nations spiritual pictographs.  Below is a picture of Carol with some of this scenery behind her! And of Glenn stopping to take it all in!


Carol and Glenn have had a lot of sunny days. But they have also endured a few storms. While paddling down Lac La Croix, a thunderstorm started to chase them down! They had no choice but to go to shore! Luckily, they found a shelter that serves as a canteen on the Pow Wow grounds of the Neguaguon Lake First Nation Reserve. They received permission to camp there from a First Nation counselor. And soon after many people were coming down to check out what they were up to! Below is a picture of the shelter and all of their things drying after the storm!


Keep on Paddling and breaking records!

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