The Journey to Ontario!

The journey to Ontario has been quite the uphill battle for Carol and Glenn as they have been paddling upstream on the Winnipeg River for the last week. Also, they have had to wait out some very powerful storms, with Kenora, Ontario as their next big destination!

Throughout Manitoba there have been several Hydro Electric Dams that Carol and Glenn must portage around!  This has been a very big challenge for them as they have to make 3 trips on each portage!  Although, portaging is always a welcomed change from canoeing!

As they continue up the Winnipeg River, Carol and Glenn have experienced its narrowness leading to the current hindering their progress and slowing them down considerably.  However, they are still extremely delighted at all the progress they have made so far!

Carol and Glenn have mastered the art of packing up their gear each day which now takes them approximately 2 hours. This includes having breakfast, packing up and leaving with a 30 minute coffee, to enjoy the peacefulness of the morning.
A few weeks ago, Carol and Glenn were camping at Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park in Manitoba.  There were many beautiful Oak Trees full of acorns at this park.
 Bears love acorns!
Carol and Glenn saw a few bears arriving in the early morning to start feeding on the acorns preparing for hibernation!
Keep on Paddling!
And keep at a safe distance from the bears!
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