Almost Off of Lake Superior!

Carol and Glenn are just 70 km away from Sault Ste. Marie which is their exit point off of Lake Superior! And even more rewarding and motivating is that Sault Ste. Marie is their half way mark home to Kingston, ON.

Carol and Glenn have been wind bound for the last 2 days!  30 km/h NW wind kept them in one spot, as it was to risky to make the necessary 7 km paddle to the mainland.  The picture below is of their safe haven, a quiet bay.  In the distance,  a moose is happily eating its breakfast of water grasses, waist deep in the bay. A great view, while drinking their coffee first thing in the morning!

The choppy waves, windy weather and thunderstorms have taken Glenn and Carol a little off course!  The last 4 days have been spent battling bad weather.  They were even chased off the lake twice due to thunderstorms! This adds some stress to their journey as there is not always a place to find safe shelter along this rugged and exposed coastline.  So their route takes them where they can find protection!

Earlier this week, Carol and Glenn paddled through the picturesque Gargantua Islands which is a wild and ancient place in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

These islands have dark volcanic rock which is a stark contrast to the bedrock that lines the shore. There are many cliffs and pothole caves overhung with ancient cedars.  On their journey through the Gargantua Islands, Carol and Glenn came across two islands called Devil’s Chair and Devil’s Warehouse Island. They learned that these two islands were named after overzealous missionaries eager to abolish the Anishnabe’s most spiritual connections. The stories continue on and are being revived and retold by the people’s whose cultural heritage is rooted here, the Nanabijou. Below is a picture of Devils Warehouse Island.

Carol and Glenn are always learning new tricks!  They came across a fellow paddler named, Steel River Jim. He had spent quite a bit of time by himself on Lake Superior, 42 days in total.  He shared with them a very helpful tactic for rough days when the waves are crashing into the shoreline.  Since it can be very difficult to load and launch a 250 lbs canoe,  he showed Carol and Glenn how to take two beached logs (which are plentiful) and put them under the canoe close to the waters edge. Then, load up the canoe, slide it into the water and paddle like a fool!

The shoreline of Lake Superior Provincial Park consists of cobble beaches. From cliffs to large sized boulders, to rocks the size of melons and pea sized pebbles. And even sand if they are lucky! Each beach tends to have it all! As Carol and Glenn find campsites on the shoreline, they often have easy access to the Voyageur Coastal Trail which is a walking path.  And they often have great luck finding fresh blueberries for the next days breakfast! And getting in even more exercise!

Hopefully tomorrow Carol and Glenn will have good weather! They are planning on getting up at 3 am to be able to leave for 5 am.  As it is supposed to be calm until noon. This way they can make it too the mainland before the waves encroach!

Good Luck!

Keep on Paddling!


The Adventures of Lake Superior!

Carol and Glenn are determined to reach their goal of $25,000 for Loving Spoonful!

Not even the rough waters of Lake Superior will stop them!  Carol and Glenn have been on Lake Superior for 10 days now! They are paddling just over 200 km of wild coastline with the determination to reach their goal! If you would like to help them reach their goal click here:  Donate.

All proceeds go to Loving Spoonful, a local Kingston Organization that is very close to Carol and Glenn’s hearts. To learn more about Loving Spoonful click here:  Loving Spoonful.

Lake Superior has turned out to be a VERY choppy adventure! Usually, it is the winds that cause turbulent conditions on a lake.  But in the case of Lake Superior, the rough waters are a product of the currents and Seiche Waves. Seiche is a French word that means; to sway back and forth. It is a standing wave that oscillates in a lake as a result of seismic or atmospheric disturbances. Thus, creating massive fluctuations of water levels in just moments.

Seiche Waves and Reflective Waves were a force to be reckoned with! Especially in Pukaskwa National Park. However, the incredible scenery is worth the battle. And Carol and Glenn often find protection in private lagoons to set up camp,  such as the one in the picture below!

Carol and Glenn have spent most days paddling along Lake Superior’s coastline without seeing anyone! About a week ago, Gregg from Pennsylvania, joined them for a bit on their trip! He is a solo paddler exploring the area on his own! Below is a picture of the 3 of them! Smiles on everyone’s face! Company is hard to find in these areas!

A few days ago, Carol and Glenn had their most challenging day on Lake Superior to date! They spent 8 hours paddling and fighting the Seiche Waves, Reflective Waves and currents.  Unfortunately, the did not cover very much distance or make good time on this high intense day!

Luckily, with great appreciation they were rewarded with a beautiful campsite! Including their very own personal waterfall.  Since the water from the waterfall came from inland, it was warm! They enjoyed swimming in the waters around the waterfall! They cannot do that in Lake Superior as it is too cold!

As Carol and Glenn make their way through Lake Superior, they find the most beautiful places to camp. Last week, they found a wonderful spot on Foster Island. Opposite to Foster Island is Pic Island, which is famous for being painted by one of the members of the Group of Seven. This was also a protected campsite as it was located in a cove.  And even though it cooled down to 11 degrees at night, the rocks stayed nice and warm, making for a very cozy and well deserved sleep.

The last few nights Carol and Glenn have been wind bound at Cascade Falls, see the picture below. They had wind warnings in effect from their weather radio, which they rely on heavily for information. To be on the safe side they stayed put in the same area and enjoyed the welcomed break.

Finally, they are back on the water and are now half way done Lake Superior!

Keep on paddling and inspiring us all!

Lake Superior

Carol and Glenn have been on Lake Superior for over a week now! And loving every minute of its beautiful scenery!

After Carol and Glenn left Thunder Bay, they slept at the base of Sleeping Giant which is Thunder Bay’s most well-known natural wonder and a Provincial Park!  The picture below is of Carol and Glenn paddling close to the massive rock formation that you can see for miles.  From the distance, it looks like a giant is sleeping with his hands folded over his chest.

To learn more about the history and legend of the Sleeping Giant check out this website:

Sleeping Giant – Norther Ontario Travel

Carol and Glenn have been getting up extra early! They are up before the sun rises to make sure they start paddling as soon as they can! They need to take advantage of the calm waters in the early hours.  As in the afternoon, Lake Superior can become rough and the weather can change in an instant. Check out the gorgeous pictures below of the crystal clear water and stunning rock formations.

However, not every day is this clear!  Just a few days into Carol and Glenn’s Lake Superior adventure, they found a lovely place with a lighthouse on it to stop and eat their lunch at!

As they were eating lunch the fog started to roll in.  But they had to head out anyways to keep on paddling! They headed across a large bay.  But on the way they were engulfed in a rolling fog bank with zero visibility! This was the first time on their entire trip that they had witnessed something like this!  For 10 km while crossing the bay, they had to rely solely on their GPS.  Below is a picture of the fog moving in.

Carol and Glenn always find interesting places to camp! One afternoon, they found a rustic sauna in Loon Harbour which is crown land, to camp at.  These saunas are popular along the northern coastline of Lake Superior.  Each sauna has a stove to make a fire in, which heats the rocks. Then by throwing water on the rocks it creates steam. After heating up in the sauna, one must cool down by jumping into Lake Superior, which is 13 degrees Celsius. What a great way to spend an afternoon after canoeing! Below is a picture of the sauna.

Carol and Glenn are loving Lake Superior. It has so many beautiful coves, quiet islands, gorgeous rock formations and plenty of diversity from shore to shore! Below is a few more scenic pictures taken on Lake Superior.


Keep on Paddling!

Back On The Water!

Carol and Glenn are back at it again!

After a two week pause taken to return home to be with family; they are excited and even more determined to start and finish the last part of their amazing across Canada canoe adventure!

Just before they left for home, Carol and Glenn had a 3 day walk to Thunder Bay. The walk was a total of 50 km all together!  Luckily, they found access to Whitefish Lake and were able to canoe, saving them 9 km of walking! Below is a picture that captures the gorgeous scenery they enjoyed on this walk.

Carol and Glenn are always meeting friendly, generous and welcoming people on their adventures! One night after it poured rain. they were at a Cafe and met a young couple from the area. This wonderful couple were intrigued by their adventure and invited them to stay the night at their trailer. Carol and Glenn gratefully accepted! Below is a picture of Glenn and their new friends.

Carol and Glenn enjoyed their stay and learned that this couple have a professional tree restoration company and have planted over 15 million trees. Check out their website to learn more at: TriTree

They even gave Carol and Glenn a tour of their property! A welcomed extra few kilometers that they always enjoy! They are continuously thankful for the generosity of people they come across on their journey!

Finally, Carol and Glenn were able to paddle the remainder of the way into Thunder Bay through the Kaministiquia River. To their advantage, the river was moving fast and the water was high from all the previous rainfall! What a great way to reach their destination! Below is a picture of Glenn looking at the historic Fort Williams they passed just before Thunder Bay!

Keep on Paddling!!!


A Pause

We have had a wonderful, successful and adventurous journey to Thunder Bay! We have already experienced the generosity and compassion of our fellow Canadian neighbours and are grateful for all of their support! Our adventure will be put on pause for an unknown period of time due to family emergencies. We are eager to complete our goal but need to be with our families at this time! We will have an update shortly for all of our followers. Thank you for all of your support so far! We appreciate it so much!

Getting Closer to Lake Superior

Carol and Glenn have had some beautiful paddling days! The picture above and below were taken during their 5 day adventure through the scenic Quetico, Provincial Park. On the last day, they had to paddle through the notoriously wild waters of Saganaga Lake! They were extremely fortunate to have a perfectly calm day and made it across in good time!

Shortly after exiting Quetico Park, Carol and Glenn were feeling quite confident about their paddling and portaging abilities! They planned to do a day with 8 portages! However, they had a lot of troubles finding the portage entry points as their GPS route had disappeared from their Garmin!  So just like the early Voyageur’s did, they read the lay out of the land and winged it! With an adventurous spirit, they were able to successfully complete 4 portages that day!  Below is a picture taken on their portage day, looking happy as ever!

Glenn and Carol have really noticed the affects of the 2007 devastating forest fires that occurred in La Verendrye, Provincial Park which also borders the Superior National Forest in Minnesota.  There are hardly any campsites left along the shoreline since it has changed so much from the fires! Fortunately, the islands seem to be untouched, which turn out to be great campsites! They always manage to find somewhere each day to set up for the evening! Below is a photo of a wonderfully sheltered campsite on an island.

A few days ago Carol and Glenn reached Arrow Lake! This will be the last lake they paddle before starting their walk to Thunder Bay which leads them right into Lake Superior. In the picture below, Glenn is loading up the canoe at a campsite with views of cliffs surrounding them!

They have a 4 day walk ahead of them! Once they arrive in Thunder Bay they will re-stock on supplies and get their games faces ready for Lake Superior!

Happy Walking!!

Portaging Already!

Carol and Glenn are getting right back into their rhythm!  They have already completed some very challenging and lengthy portages! A few days ago, they completed their longest one yet at 1.7 km! The portages so far have been full of bugs, mud and deep ruts from centuries of portaging! The picture below is of Glenn at Wheelbarrow Falls Portage, with a big smile on his face of course!

Carol and Glenn knew this time around, they would be battling a lot of insects while crossing Ontario! They have this wonderful shelter called a No Bug Zone, that is their safe haven at the end of the day from all the bugs! Even if it is a bit of extra weight on those long portages, it is worth every pound!

Not only have they broke their portage distance record, but also their overall kilometers paddled in one day! A few days ago they hit 55 km of paddling in one single day, on Loon Lake! However, this was not what they set out to accomplish that day! They had a very hard time finding a campsite along the Lake since it was full of thick brush! Luckily, they had the wind at their backs. Below is the beautiful campsite they were able to rest and relax in after a tremendous day of paddle breaking records!

Carol and Glenn have been loving their time in Quetico Provincial Park. They have paddled by some unbelievable scenery including, forests, massive rock cuts and First Nations spiritual pictographs.  Below is a picture of Carol with some of this scenery behind her! And of Glenn stopping to take it all in!


Carol and Glenn have had a lot of sunny days. But they have also endured a few storms. While paddling down Lac La Croix, a thunderstorm started to chase them down! They had no choice but to go to shore! Luckily, they found a shelter that serves as a canteen on the Pow Wow grounds of the Neguaguon Lake First Nation Reserve. They received permission to camp there from a First Nation counselor. And soon after many people were coming down to check out what they were up to! Below is a picture of the shelter and all of their things drying after the storm!


Keep on Paddling and breaking records!

And They Are Off Once More!

Carol and Glenn enjoyed a beautiful day departing from Fort Frances, ON on Thursday, June 6th, 2019. This day marks the beginning of the end of their paddling adventure across Canada. They embraced this day with excitement, smiles and the curiosity of what part 3 will bring them while paddling across Ontario to their hometown, Kingston, ON.

At the launch, Carol and Glenn were joined by supporters from the local newspaper Fort Frances Times  and friends, Karen and Lee from Gimli, Manitoba and Karen and Tony from Rainy River ON. These friends helped them immensely last year! They were very thankful to have so many familiar faces, full of positive energy sending them off on this very special day.

Last week, Carol and Glenn’s number one supporters Paul and Denise VandenEngel, drove them to Fort Frances, ON.  They enjoyed beautiful scenery and the company of their loving family members.  Two days after they departed, Paul and Denise surprised them by speeding up behind them in a motorboat and treated them to lunch over the fire, ice cold drinks and lawn chairs! What a great surprise!

Carol and Glenn have spent the last few days on Rainy Lake, ON. They have been battling strong east winds and are quickly getting back into shape! As they put all of their effort and determination into paddling into the wind, they keep their goals in mind.

Carol and Glenn eagerly set out on June 6th with the goal of raising $ 25, 000 in total. They have already raised almost 19,000 for Loving Spoonful, a charity that is so close to their hearts!

Carol and Glenn are extremely grateful to their friends, family and Canadian neighbours who have already donated! Click on the link so you can help them also reach their goal DONATE.

Keep on Paddling!

Part 3 Launch Date – June 6, 2019!

Carol and Glenn will be dipping their paddles into the waters at Fort Frances on June 6, 2019 for the third time to complete their canoe trip across Canada! With only 2,205 km left to go, Glenn and Carol will tell you that this adventure has been a gift and a privilege! One of their most remarkable memories is the friendliness and kindness bestowed upon them by fellow Canadians.

Carol and Glenn’s goal is to raise $25,000 for their favourite local Kingston organization, Loving Spoonful. Carol and Glenn believe passionately in Loving Spoonful’s mission which envisions a healthy, sustainable, food-secure community that makes fresh food a priority for everyone.

To help get closer to their goal, Carol and Glenn are excited to announce that Trailhead in Kingston will be matching all donations up to $1,000!  Trailhead will also be supporting Glenn and Carol by sharing their journey and taking a collection in their downtown store.

Chris from Trailhead Kingston

Carol and Glenn are so determined to complete their goal because of the outstanding amount of people in Canada facing serious health problems due to inadequate access to fresh food!  This negatively impacts physical, mental, and social health, and costs our healthcare system considerably. Approximately 12 percent of all Canadians live in poverty. Glenn says “It is our belief that we can make a difference by raising awareness that fresh food is something that everyone should have access to.  Loving Spoonful is truly a remarkable role model for all of Canada and an example of how an agency has made a difference in their community.

Support Glenn and Carol’s journey and their vision for a more food-secure Canada by donating to Loving Spoonful through   Help them reach their goal of $25,000!