Celebration of Success

Carol and Glenn are quite popular at their Condo in Kingston, Ontario.  Many of their neighbours were very curious as to how the trip from Ottawa to Sydney, Nova Scotia went. This part makes up 1/4 of their total trip across Canada. Their neighbours wanted to know exactly how they accomplished this amazing feat. On Nov. 23, they hosted an evening of sharing, stories, pictures and awareness for their cause.  

There were a few special guests in attendance for this celebration.  Mara Shaw, Executive Director, from Loving Spoonful and family members Denise and Paul VandenEngel.  Denise and Paul also drove out to Sydney, Nova Scotia to pick up Glenn and Carol when they were finished!  It was a very welcomed ride home!  

As a way to spread even more awareness about Loving Spoonful they asked everyone to bring a fresh food donation and raised 108 lbs which was donated to 3 shelters in the area.  Executive Director, Mara from Loving Spoonful, also spoke about the different programs the organization offers to the community in Kingston.

To wrap things up Carol’s brother Paul VandenEngel, gave an incredible speech about their trip and what they are doing to raise awareness in the community. After, Paul presented them with a unique coin from the Canadian Mint, a Design by Canadian artist Margaret Best.

It was a wonderful evening and everyone left with a little more awareness of Loving Spoonful and the importance of creating access to healthy food for the Kingston Community.  Carol and Glenn are busy getting ready for part 2 starting in April 2018!

First Part Check!

They Made It!!!!

Congratulations you awesome adventurers!

Carol and Glenn have successfully finished the first part of their awesome paddle across Canada to raise funds for Loving Spoonful .

Loving Spoonful is a local Kingston organization whose vision is to create a healthy, sustainable, food-secure community!  Carol and Glenn are happy to announce that they raised over $1000 on behalf of this remarkable organization!

If you still want to donate you can at DONATEAnd a HUGE thank you to everyone that has already donated!  The wonderful people at Loving Spoonful are extremely grateful for your generous donations and support!

They will be spending the next few days on land, relaxing and enjoying beautiful Nova Scotia!  It is especially remarkable right now with the leaves changing colours on the east coast.

The second part of their epic journey will begin in April, 2018 from British Columbia to Ottawa.  Keep checking the website and their Facebook page for more information coming soon!

Congratulations Carol and Glenn you are AWESOME!

Almost There!

Carol and Glenn had quite the Thanksgiving!  On Thanksgiving day they were portaging again due to wind gusts up to 50 km/hr!  They came along a section of the highway that recently had been under-construction and found themselves in an unsafe situation!  Thankfully, a good Samaritan stopped to offer assistance and also invited them into his home for Thanksgiving dinner with his family!

After this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend they found themselves being blown into Chapel Island home of the Potlotek, First Nations People.  They had been feeling the affects of hurricane Nate!  Below is a picture of Carol and Chief Marshall of the Potlotek First Nations People.  They took very good care of Carol and Glenn offering them shelter, food and company in Chapel Island, Nova Scotia.

Below is a picture of Carol and Glenn and friends they made along the way enjoying Tea at Rita’s Tea Room in Big Pond Nova Scotia.  Rita’s Tea Room, originally a one-room schoolhouse in the 1930s, was the first home of late Canadian singer-songwriter Rita MacNeil.

Only 2 more days left on the first part of their epic canoe adventure across Canada!  Go Carol and Glenn!!  Keep on PADDLING!

The Challenges of Nova Scotia

Carol and Glenn have been very busy paddling over high waves and in rough waters!  Even finding a campsite has been challenging as the sand and clay on the beaches can be unstable to camp under!  In the below picture, they were able to put their canoe on the beach but had to climb up and over to set up camp!

At one point they blew into a fishing harbour after their most harrowing morning on the water to date.  They even had a bird take shelter and comfort on their splash deck while canoeing!

They have been hiking/portaging  by Cape George, Nova Scotia.  Which is a welcomed change from paddling in vicious winds and torturous waters!  The trail they are using is called the Little Cabot Trail and it is absolutely beautiful.

Keep on paddling.

Exploring Nova Scotia

Carol and Glenn have had a continuous fan club of seals on their paddling around the coastline of Nova Scotia!  They were first greeted by a large group of seals hanging out on a sand bar and have had encounters ever since!  Below is a picture of a noisy group of seals. The seals often follow them on their paddles around Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia shoreline has been a real challenge!  There are a lot of waves (up to 2 meters high), high winds, cliffs and jagged rocks to be on the look out for!  But it is totally worth it for these beautiful resting spots along the way.

People continue to be friendly, inviting and welcoming along their journey.  Most recently a land owner offered his rustic cabin to escape high winds and brutal weather.

Keep on Paddling!

Nova Scotia!

Carol and Glenn have had some amazing conditions over the last week!

It has not been as hot as it is here in Ontario! But they have had warm weather and calm waters which has allowed them to arrive safely in beautiful Nova Scotia!

Just before reaching Nova Scotia they paddled under the 12.9 km Confederation bridge which connects New Brunswick and PEI.  This is the longest bridge in the word!

And they have camped in some gorgeous campsites including the one below filled with Inukshuks on the Northumberland Straight.

Keep on paddling.

Half Way There!

In order to reach their half way point in Hartland, New Brunswick, Carol and Glenn first had to do a grueling portage around the very large Beachwood Dam to make it to the St. John River!

However, after the portage, the view on the St. John River was completely worth it.

They were extremely excited to reach the milestone half way point in Hartland, New Brunswick!  A great sense of accomplishment.  Hartland is home to the world’s largest covered bridge.  The covered bridge is 391 metres and the framework consists of 7 small Howe Truss bridges joined together on 6 piers.

The day was very calm as you can see in the reflection in the beautiful picture below.

Keep on paddling.

70 km Portage Completed!

Well Carol and Glenn have been working very hard!

They have just completed the longest portage they will have to do from Ottawa to Sydney, Nova Scotia!  It was a grueling but beautiful 70 km in only 3.5 days!

The portage began in Riviere-du-Loop on the St. Lawrence River and finished in Cabino on Lac Temiscouata.

As you can see from the above picture the portage trail was in good shape and they had a canoe cart to put the canoe on!

They hope to be in New Brunswick in about 2 days.  And they are back on the water again very happy to be paddling!

Keep on paddling.

Quebec City and Low Tides

Carol and Glenn made it past Quebec City!  They passed the historic city a few days ago!  This is a very important place for Carol’s family as it is where her parents arrived from Holland in 1954.  Also, where Carol and her parents arrived by boat in 1963, after living in Germany for a few years.

Of course, they enjoyed local food from the Neuville food festival in Quebec City while they were there.

After Quebec City, they had the challenge of getting to know the high and low tides!  They learned the hard way by getting stuck in low tide!  But they patiently waited it out and enjoyed the calm waters and view.

They also have a new record of 38.5 km in one day! Keep up the good work Carol and Glenn! You can help support their cause be donating here DONATE. 

Lots of Wind!

A lot has happened over the last few days during Carol and Glenn’s epic journey!

They had an extended 2 day stop over in Trois-Riviere due to extremely strong winds, rain and big waves!  Good thing they found this nice shelter to rest in!

However, after 12 days of paddling it was a good time to take a rest, check out the town, buy local fruits and veggies and get some laundry done!

Here is a great picture of Glenn in Trois-Riviere which is one of the oldest settlements in Canada founded by Samuel de Champlain.  It is named after the 3 channels at the mouth of the Saint Maurice River which flows into the St. Lawrence.

Next stop is Quebec City! Hopefully they can use their awesome sail to gain some serious distance over the next few days!

Keep on Paddling.