It’s a Canoe and a Bike Adventure!

Carol and Glenn spent a lot of time planning and mapping out the route before they left on the second part of their trip from Vancouver to Ottawa!  They had a few different options to get across British Columbia but each option left them with hundreds of kilometers to portage!

Then they had this wonderful idea to mix things up and bike across British Columbia along the Trans Canada Trail! They will experience biking through areas such as the Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Kootenay and the Rockies.  Tomorrow they will start their biking adventure from Hope BC!


Watch closely for more biking and camping pictures as they make their way through beautiful British Columbia!

A Change of Plans!

Carol and Glenn had a very eventful first week on British Columbia’s Fraser River!  After battling the current to paddle up stream for 3 days they decided to change their plan of attack!

To avoid any more paddling up stream they decided to take a shuttle to Hope, BC where they could enjoy the paddle back down the Fraser River to where they had started to make they covered all the ground!

They found some beautiful campsites a long the way!


This was a much more relaxing way to paddle on the Fraser River!

First Day on the Water!

After relaxing and spending an awesome 5 days on the VIA Rail train, Carol and Glenn finally made it to Vancouver this morning! They were very excited to put their paddles in the water and embark on their journey!  Leaving the big city behind them!



Watch for more posts coming soon as they head through the beautiful province British Columbia!  Keep on Paddling!

The Toronto to Vancouver Train Ride


Carol and Glenn spent the last 4 nights on ‘The Canadian‘ #1 VIA train from Toronto to Vancouver!  They were able to enjoy some beautiful views and were taken very good care of by all the staff!  All while watching the gorgeous Canadian scenery pass them by!



The trip began at Union station in Toronto where Carol’s brother Paul and wife Denise dropped them off and helped them to unload all their gear!  They were also greeted by another family member, Jesse who works at Union Station and lead them to exactly where they needed to go!  First portage of the trip completed!


The 5 days on the train where very relaxing and they were able to observe some remarkable views!

There was still a little snow and ice passing by Sudbury!

Heading into the Rockies!

Canoe for Change News Coverage!



Carol and Glenn were very busy over the last few months getting everything ready to go for the second part of their across Canada canoe adventure!

During the weeks leading up to their departure date they were featured on local Kingston radio stations, the morning news and they also made the front page of their local newspaper, the Kingston Whig – Standard!  Check out the link below to read it! 

Station 14 Promotes Canoe for Change

Station 14 Kingston

Canoe for Change heads out tomorrow (May 1st) for the second leg of their cross Canada canoe trip which is raising funds for Loving Spoonful. For more information on how to donate and track the trip, visit

Charitable Cross Country Canoe Trip Departs Tomrrow

Canoe for Change heads out tomorrow for the second leg of their cross Canada canoe trip which is raising funds for Loving Spoonful. For more information on how to donate and track the trip, visit

Posted by Station 14 Kingston on Monday, April 30, 2018

Promoting Loving Spoonful!


The CKWS Morning Show – Global TV News

The week leading up to Carol and Glenn’s departure date has been very busy and successful! They were on their local news station CKWS promoting their cause to raise awareness and funds for Loving Spoonful.

They hope to raise  $10,000 for this awesome organization! Loving Spoonful facilitates feeding the hungry along with teaching adults, youth and children to plant, grow and cook healthy food.

If you would you like to support Glenn and Carol reach their goal donate here to Loving Spoonful!

Part 2 Launch Date – May 1, 2018!

Before Carol and Glenn’s May 1st departure date, there is a lot of work to be done!  They are making sure they are nourishing their bodies to successfully complete the trip from from Vancouver to Ottawa in support of Loving Spoonful!  Part of the preparation is dehydrating fresh food and vacuum sealing all that good stuff.

Of coarse, Glenn and Carol can’t take it all with them, so friends will ship it to them along their route.    The delicious items include bananas, apples, carrots, sweet potato, beets, legumes, onions, cabbage, sweet peppers, cheese, eggs, beef jerky, prepared pasta sauce, and soups.  Also purchased was freeze dried chicken, potatoes, herbs/spices, vegetable and protein powder and bars, vitamins etc.   Staples such as rice, quinoa, snacks, and fresh food will be bought along the way.

Toronto to Vancouver Bound!

After months of preparation Carol and Glenn will be leaving Toronto for Vancouver on May 1, 2018!    While they enjoy the scenic 4 day Via Rail journey, their canoe and all the gear will be safely tucked in the baggage car waiting to start the journey.  From the time they dip their paddles into the the Pacific Ocean it will be approximately 6,715 kilometers and 6 months later till  they reach the final destination  Kingston, Ontario.

2018 Trip Updates

Glenn and Carol are super excited to begin the second part of their canoe across Canada adventure to raise funds for Loving Spoonful! But for reasons beyond their control they have to delay their initial start date of April 6, 2018. Keep following our website as we share our new start date soon!